Darius Vandyke

An NTA agent.


Darius was left at an orphanage as an infant, with nothing but a dragon drawing with his name on it. He was picked up by various foster families, who were however all unsuitable and thus he changed them frequently. Eventually, frustrated with this life, he escaped at the age of nine, living as an urchin on the streets since.

Finding solace with others of his kind, he made the crumbling dungeons beneath the Tower of Kings (and the rest of Veyle’s Old Town) his abode, befriending the rats living there. Their names were Pie, Melon and Cheese. One day, he helped a lost person find their way and discovered his “gift” of magic sight. Shortly after, he was picked up by NTA agents of division 1.

During study period, Darius was extremely unpopular with the teachers, who have taken to calling him “Dragon Brat”, and some of the students picked up the moniker as well. Despite his skills, it took him eight years to graduate. When he did, he was assigned to division 5 and met Agent Nicole, his “superior” from thence on.

Darius is sceptical of many of the NTA’s teachings and it is his dream to make magic more accessible to the public. He has inherent problems with authority, which contributed to his troubles during school and work.

Darius wears the standard NTA agent uniform and sunglasses. He attempts to keep his hairstyle somewhat professional, but his black hair is still unkempt and starts to cover his eyes.

Darius Vandyke

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