Eugenia Kokarca

A gunk rights activist.


Eugenia’s parents had emigrated to Veyle from Kurkey, which her mother’s family did not approve of (but her uncle, on the father’s side, came with them). They wanted to escape the apartheid and take advantage of the bigger opportunities for gunks, which supposedly were present in Veyle.

Although her father did manage to find a job, they were faced with discrimination nonetheless. Her parents wanted Eugenia to attend a good school, but all of the facilities thought that her skunk… features were a danger to the other students, so the condition for going to school was the removal of her scent gland. After getting the same response everywhere, Eugenia’s parents finally obliged.

At school, the gunk students were heavily bullied by the human ones. Eugenia made an end to the bullying by gathering the gunks into groups and instilling a fearful respect herself. Although she was not given equal opportunities by teachers, she managed to go to university and then find employment at her cousin’s, Regina’s, stationery company, which she established to provide her own contribution to gunk rights.

Eugenia became involved in political movements and started working together with a fox gunk named Jason Huli. She established contant with the gunk underworld (based in the slums), by befriending Cudela Undaran, the resident shaman. She also managed to unite warring gunk movements into a single front.

Eight years ago, she was in the middle of establishing common cause with the AI rights activists, represented by Sam Steel.

Eugenia Kokarca

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